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We Innovate, We Plan,
We Deliver.

Our Current Projects

 WFS Gateways Cargo Terminal 2 & Coolport Bangalore Airport


Realog, technical partner for World Flight Services, designed upgraded storage systems, cargo terminals, and Coolport. Doubled throughput to 0.4 Mio tons.

ADANI Integrated Cargo Terminal, Navi Mumbai Airport


Realog, cargo terminal consultant for ADANI, designed  cargo terminals with, 3.5 Mio tons, automated and modularized structured system for phasing implementation.

Realog designed integrated IPT concept to increase efficiency and capacity of SATS cargo terminals at Changi Airport, Singapore. With support of  implementation.


SATS Hub Cargo Terminal, Singapore Changi Airport 


Our Focus Areas


Aviation & Air Cargo

Proper planning of air cargo terminals is vital for success. Factors like location, size, layout, equipment, and technology are analyzed to meet industry needs. Efficient planning streamlines operations, reduces costs, and ensures timely delivery. As e-commerce grows, terminal planning becomes even more crucial. Invest in advanced tech, comply with regulations, and stay competitive.


Logistics & Automation

Proper planning of logistics hubs with future technology in mind is crucial. Technology plays a vital role in efficient and cost-effective logistics solutions. Automated hubs with advanced tracking and robotics streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve delivery times. Big data and AI provide valuable insights for better decision-making. Planning with future tech ensures competitiveness and success in the evolving logistics industry.


Transport & Supply Chain

Perfect warehouse planning is crucial for efficient transportation of goods. Optimal layout and organization reduce costs and improve delivery times. Streamlined movement and accurate inventory management are achieved through efficient design, storage systems, material handling equipment, and advanced technology. Minimizing transportation time and cost is possible by optimizing the flow of goods. Excellent service and competitiveness in logistics require meticulous warehouse planning

 Our Partners

Our Clients

Where Logistics Meets Innovation.

Masters of innovative Management, Engineering & Technology Consultancy. We redefine the landscape of Aviation & Logistics Solutions with our IPT Approach - Seamlessly integrating Infrastructure, Process & Technology. Guided by the principle "Form is following the Function," we deliver unparalleled excellence.

Realog Selected Innovative Projects

What We Provide 


Project Design

  • Project Design with the entire Service Chain of Planning, Design, Tendering & Construction Supervision of Air Cargo and Logistic Facilities, Utilities & Equipment (Apron, Terminal, Buildings & Landside)

  • Technical & Financial Feasibility Studies

  • Business Plans, Market Analyses & Benchmarking in AirCargo & Logistics Industries

  • Cost Modeling including Activity Base Costing 

  • Process Efficiency Program 

  • Transformation in Digitalization of Processes 

  • Upgrading and Development of Technology Solutions 


Analytics & Planning

  • AOID Cargo Flow Forecast, Throughput Analysis & Functional Capacity Modelling and Simulation 

  • Master planning & Design of Modularized structured Buildings & Material Handling System (MHS)

  • Site Recommendation for Hub and Gateway Operations

  • Layout for Upgraded Hub Operations

  • Design solutions for all Stages of Cargo Terminals and Logistic Facilities

  • Tender Documents and Technical Specifications


Consultancy & IT Services

  • Consultancy Services in Logistics, Operation, Material Handling Systems (MHS) & Automation Technology

  • IT services and Software Solutions in Digitalization of planning, steering and controlling of Air Cargo Handling and Logistic processes  will be provided by the partner company Realog Systems


Projectmanagement & Supervision 

  • Tender management for Building Contractors and MHS suppliers

  • Supervision during Construction of Cargo Terminal Building and Logistic Facilities 

  • Supervision during fabrication, installation, commissioning, testing and bringing it operations of MHS

  • ORAT (Operation, Readiness and Airport Transfer)


Operations & Maintenance Support 

  • Support during defect liability period 

  • Support and training of MHS and IT Operation and Maintenance

  • Providing Services in  Maintenance of MHS and Helpdesk of IT

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