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At Realog Consulting, we enhance our services and quality to meet specific customer requirements, delivering innovative and competitive solutions to give clients an edge. We implement sustainable solutions to reduce logistics and transportation costs without sacrificing quality. Objective feasibility studies minimize investment risks, and our modularized and process-oriented planning ensures successful handovers of technical equipment and IT systems. By streamlining processes through standardization, we help clients focus on core business objectives. Trust us to provide tailored solutions to meet your unique needs

Comprehensive Services with

Integrated Solutions

What We Do

The Form is following the Function

Project Design

  • Project Design: From planning to construction supervision, we handle the entire service chain for air cargo and logistics facilities, including aprons, terminals, buildings, and landside infrastructure.

  • Feasibility Studies: Our experts conduct technical and financial feasibility studies, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making.

  • Business Plans and Market Analysis: We help you develop comprehensive business plans, conduct market analyses, and benchmark your operations for success.

  • Cost Modeling and Efficiency Programs: We optimize cost allocation through activity-based costing and improve process efficiency for better productivity and cost control.

  • Digital Transformation: Our team upgrades technology solutions, automates processes, and guides you through the digitalization journey.

Analytics & Planning 

  • Cargo Flow Forecast & Throughput Analysis: Accurately predict cargo flow and analyze throughput to optimize operations.

  • Functional Capacity Modeling: Design modularized structures and material handling systems for efficient cargo handling.

  • Site Recommendation for Hubs & Gateways: Identify ideal locations for hub and gateway operations.

  • Layout Design for Upgraded Hubs: Enhance hub operations with expertly designed layouts.

  • Comprehensive Terminal & Facility Design: We offer design solutions for all stages of cargo terminals and logistics facilities.

  • Tender Documents & Technical Specifications: Streamline the tendering process with our precise documents and specifications.

Consultancy & IT Services

  • Consultancy Services: Benefit from our expertise in logistics, operations, material handling systems, and automation technology. We provide tailored solutions to optimize your processes.

  • IT Services and Software Solutions: Our partner company, Realog Systems, specializes in digitalizing the planning, steering, and controlling of air cargo handling and logistic processes. Their software solutions will streamline your operations.

Projectmanagement & Supervision

  • Tender Management: We specialize in managing tenders for building contractors and material handling system (MHS) suppliers. Our expertise ensures a smooth and efficient tendering process.

  • Construction Supervision: Our experienced team provides comprehensive supervision during the construction of cargo terminal buildings and logistics facilities. We ensure adherence to specifications, timelines, and quality standards.

  • MHS Supervision: We oversee the fabrication, installation, commissioning, testing, and operational integration of material handling systems. Our supervision guarantees smooth operations and optimal performance.

  • ORAT Services: We provide Operation, Readiness, and Airport Transfer (ORAT) services. Our team ensures a seamless transition and readiness of airport facilities and operations for efficient service delivery.

Operation & Maintenance Support

  • Support during Defect Liability Period: We provide ongoing support and assistance during the defect liability period of your projects. Our team ensures timely resolution of any issues or defects that may arise.

  • Training and Support for MHS and IT Operation and Maintenance: We offer comprehensive training and support services for both material handling systems (MHS) and IT operations. Our experts ensure your team is well-equipped to handle day-to-day operations and maintenance tasks.

  • Maintenance Services for MHS: Our team specializes in the maintenance of material handling systems, ensuring they operate at peak performance. We conduct regular inspections, preventive maintenance, and efficient troubleshooting to minimize downtime and optimize system reliability.

  • Helpdesk Support for IT: We provide dedicated helpdesk support for IT systems in the logistics environment. Our experienced team is available to address any technical issues or queries promptly, ensuring smooth IT operations.

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